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We all struggle with finding the time to workout. With our busy schedules, kids, or just life in general, who has an hour or more for the gym every day? And when we do find the time to get there, sometimes we’re faced with unpleasant experiences that make our coming back unlikely. And don’t even get me started on membership costs.

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You’ll never go back to free weight exercises again. 

You may be under the impression that free weights are the best way to go when it comes to strength training, but that could be because you’re not totally familiar with resistance band training.

Resistance band training is predicated largely on the concept of ascending resistance, a completely different form of motion that the constant resistance offered by free weights can’t give.

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Bringing the gym to your home has never been simpler. 


Aside from helping you look great, regular exercise has a lot of benefits one may not instantly call to mind. Exercising can make you happier, and it’s been known to mitigate stress, depression, and anxiety as well while also increasing the overall amount of energy you have throughout the day. Regular exercise is also critical in the prevention of chronic disease and can improve your brain function and memory retention.

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So you’ve decided it’s time to get in shape. You’ve got your new XBar, cleared out a block of time each day, and devised an exercise routine to push yourself to the limit. But there’s one more important aspect of any workout regimen that needs to be planned for as well - and it takes place in the kitchen.

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The goal of most gym enthusiasts is to get stronger and using the XBar is a great way to get there. But the fastest way to get stronger is to use the most intense exercises and the XBar is packed with ways to do them. If you want to increase your strength, include these three exercises into your next routine. 

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