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Now You Can Fit The Entire Gym In The Palm Of Your Hands...

And Take it With You, Anywhere You Go!

Order Your XBAR 9-Piece Fitness System

Complete with your XBAR, pushup docks, 3 resistance bands, door anchor, accessories bag, 32 page workout guide and video library of workouts.

Reach Your Fitness Goals In Record Time With XBAR!

The XBAR's revolutionary design allows you to get a full workout from anywhere at anytime.

Because it fits right into your life, you'll find yourself exercising more and getting the amazing results you’ve always wanted, much faster than you’ve ever thought possible!

Fit The Entire Gym In Your Workout Bag.

At 34" long the XBAR has the size and feel of a high end curl bar, but it’s small enough to fit in your gym bag or suitcase, allowing you to take it ANYWHERE ON THE GO.

Requires Virtually No Space For A Full Workout!

Live in a small apartment or simply don't have a dedicated workout room?

You'll be amazed at the level of workouts that you can achieve even in the tiniest of spaces with your XBAR.

Target Your Entire Body With 100's Of Exercises.

Finally from the comfort of your own home you can target every muscle without having to spend $1000's on equipment.

Plus you're able to workout from any room, and store your XBAR virtually anywhere.

You'll Receive A Full Library Of Video Workouts!

Do you find yourself working out harder when you follow a workout video?

We do too and that's why we included a massive video library complete with workouts taught by expert instructors.

Why Buy The XBAR Over Others?

Simple, the XBAR is the original and anything else is just a knockoff.

We've spent years designing, testing and improving the XBAR to get it where it's at today, and that's no easy feat! Our competitors are simply years behind us!

When you put your XBAR next to any of the competitors, you'll smile knowing your XBAR is on a completely different level of design, quality and function.

The equivalent of a 50lb rack of weights included

XBAR bands are labeled at 5lbs, 8lbs and 13lbs but don't let that fool you, it's a lot.

Our 13lbs bands are the equivalent to our competitors 30-40lb bands.

You can use all 3 bands at the same time witch gives you the resistance equivalent of two 50lbs dumbbells.

Have your own bands? No problem, you can use them too. We've tested the XBAR to handle as much as 300lbs of resistance.

Includes Anti-Snap Resistance Bands

Your XBAR includes the highest quality resistance bands on the market and come with built in anti-snap technology.

This is vitally important because cheap bands can snap and cause you injury.

Here's What You'll Receive With Your 9-Piece XBAR Fitness System

  • XBAR

    The original and by far the highest quality bar of its kind. Capable of handling up to 300lbs of resistance.

  • 2X Pushup Docks

    Transforms the XBAR into a hardcore pushup stand which opens up a plethora of additional workouts that will have you achieving results you never thought possible..

  • 3X Resistance Bands (easy, medium, hard)

    Gives you the equivalent of a 50lb rack of weights. (up to two 50lb dumbbells) You can ad up to 300lbs of additional resistance.

  • Door Anchor

    Anchor your bands to the door and open up 100’s of additional exercises that replicate $10,000’s worth of fitness equipment.

  • Accessories Bag

    Perfect for traveling and keeping your accessories packed away.

  • 32-Page XBAR Workout Guide

    Includes over 100 documented exercises for your arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs, abs, and more.

  • Video Library Of Workouts

    Follow along and exercise with multiple expert trainers that will help you achieve your fitness goals in record time.


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