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There is a plurality of reasons why resistance bands are the way of the future when it comes to strength training—more reasons than one can fit in a short, digestible article. The main thing though is that resistance bands cater to any individual looking to train or rehabilitate in an effective way that traditional weightlifting just can’t give; the bands come in all different lengths and sizes, which means you’ll be able to increase resistance levels naturally and without having to add unnecessary weight, no matter your body-type or other circumstances.

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You’ll never go back to free weight exercises again. 

You may be under the impression that free weights are the best way to go when it comes to strength training, but that could be because you’re not totally familiar with resistance band training.

Resistance band training is predicated largely on the concept of ascending resistance, a completely different form of motion that the constant resistance offered by free weights can’t give.

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Written by Betsy - My fitness journey began as a child where I regularly competed as a swimmer for my county before delving into the world of toned figure competitions and resistance training. I have a general love for all things fitness and I love helping others to fulfil their own potential through writing and personal training.

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