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Written by Betsy - My fitness journey began as a child where I regularly competed as a swimmer for my county before delving into the world of toned figure competitions and resistance training. I have a general love for all things fitness and I love helping others to fulfil their own potential through writing and personal training.

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Band-Aids, Airbags and Bubble Wrap.  What exactly does XBAR have in common with these items? Like most revolutionary inventions, the XBAR grew out of its inventor’s personal need. When Damian Sanders started designing XBAR, he wasn’t trying to create the world’s most efficient fitness system. He just needed a way to fit in a workout between business and family commitments. By combining classic bodyweight exercises with resistance bands, you can achieve a whole body workout from one amazing, versatile and portable tool.  The Simplest Solution is Usually the Best The key to XBAR’s versatility is in its simplistic design. By...

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Why the XBAR? Interview with the inventor. Tell me WHY I should believe that the XBAR is going to be any different, or in fact BETTER than any other one of those fitness tools at Sports Authority, Dick's Sporty Goods, Target, Wallmart, Costco, Big 5 or any store in America that sells fitness products?  First, we all know that the fitness industry is flooded with gimmicks and fads. New products hit the world stage monthly claiming to be the future of fitness; the magic pill that will change your life and give you abs of steel. And most of them...

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