Stretch Your Resistance Band Workouts with XBAR

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Stretch Your Resistance Band Workouts with XBAR

Resistance bands have seen increasing popularity over the years due to their ability to assist with rehabilitation and flexibility.

More and more people are coming to realize though, that they are also potently effective for transforming their bodies in an intricate and completely wholesome manner too.

What you have with a set of resistance bands is the total freedom to target any area of your body with maximum efficiency, not only that, but you can implement tension during stretches and mobility exercises to advance these elements of your fitness beyond typical means.

These elements are amazing in their own right, but when combined with an XBAR - your band workouts are going to transform into all encompassing, full body blowouts capable of shredding fat and toning muscle.

 So why is the XBAR so effective?

 One of the problems with a set of resistance bands is that, whilst they can provide the user with plenty of “material” to work with, they are definitely limited.

 Sure, you can target the body in an unorthodox fashion and perform a whole plethora of exercises stretches and mobility drills, but there comes a point where bands a lone don’t cut it.

That’s ultimately why the XBAR was created; To transform band workouts into a fully-fledged, self “efficient” training method that provides the user with everything they could ever need to develop their dream body.

An XBAR serves as the perfect “platform” to base your band workouts on and ultimately serves to “glue” together the missing links you’ll encounter when training with bands in general.

You can use the bar it self to perform an array of bodyweight exercises to target the upper body with, or you can suspend the bar from an anchor point and effectively develop your back, arms and chest.

 Equally, the bar can be used to place downwards force on the body to isolate and refine every aspect of the legs including the thighs and glutes - you can even use it to strengthen your lower back and avoid postural issues.

 It doesn’t stop there either - you can use the bar to perform pulling exercises (used to target the shoulders, back and arms to name but a few) from the ground upwards by standing on the attached bands.

 It’s completely up to you, but if you can think of an area and you want to develop it further; you’ve got an array of over 100 exercises to choose from to piece together a devastatingly effective workout.

 Anyone Can Get Involved

 One of the greatest aspects of band training in general is that you’ve got a plethora of different resistances at your disposal. You can start with anywhere from 20lbs to 200lbs of resistance.

This makes them totally accessible for anyone of any strength or fitness level, and not only that; bands are a great method of low impact exercise that’ll help strengthen your skeletal structure without the kind of risk you’d face when using free weights.

 Just as beneficial to many exercise enthusiasts is the fact that you can use the XBARr in the comfort of your own home.

 This makes it a highly convenient and accessible training format which could potentially be the difference between you fulfilling your potential and going completely off track. Not everyone’s schedule is the same after all.

 Ditch The Gimmicks And Grab An XBAR

Where the vast majority of “home” or “convenience” fitness products categorically fail is that they simply can’t replicate the positive effects on the body that real gym equipment can.

 They often come somewhere close, but ultimately they just can’t quite hit the level of stimulus needed to trigger any serious change.

That’s why the XBAR came along to transform people’s thought processes in regards to truly effective home (or anywhere) exercise.

You CAN actually target the body as effectively as you can at the gym now, and arguably even more so due to the manner in which you can transform every movement imaginable (even simple stretches) with the implementation of controlled tension.

 our muscles are going to be under constant pressure as you perform each movement being that bands don’t “rest” - the tension will always be there, and as a result, the muscles are always working.

 This really is the one-stop solution millions of people have been looking for to transform their bodies. There isn’t one box the XBAR can’t tick, you’ve got:

  • Scalable resistance to cater for every level of strength
  • High build quality for your safety and workout effectiveness
  • The freedom to use the Xbar anywhere at any time
  • The choice of performing area specific or total body workouts by choosing exercises from a list of over 100 movements
  • The added benefit of advancing your flexibility and mobility by adding tension and test your fitness limits
  • A very low risk of injury due to the low risk nature of Xbar exercises

There are simply so many reasons why the XBAR could completely transform your training approach and body for the better. Why waste your time and money trying to squeeze the gym into your schedule when you don’t have to?

 Equally, you can take your Xbar TO the gym to add a totally new dynamic to any workout you perform.

This is a completely unique training method, and after a few weeks of using it - you won’t understand why you didn’t integrate band training sooner.

 You should get stuck into XBAR training today so that you can start reaping the immediate benefits tomorrow...after all, maybe a change is exactly what your body needs?