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Why the XBAR?

Why the XBAR? Interview with the inventor.

Tell me WHY I should believe that the XBAR is going to be any different, or in fact BETTER than any other one of those fitness tools at Sports Authority, Dick's Sporty Goods, Target, Wallmart, Costco, Big 5 or any store in America that sells fitness products? 

First, we all know that the fitness industry is flooded with gimmicks and fads. New products hit the world stage monthly claiming to be the future of fitness; the magic pill that will change your life and give you abs of steel. And most of them last for about 6 months until people realize that it's just a repackaged hunk of junk with a big financial backer. There are very few products that have withstood the test of time.

Any fitness professional can tell you in a matter of seconds if a product has legit functionality. That's why we feel we have hit a homerun with the XBAR. Thousands of bars have been sold to date, many to fitness trainers, and yet not one unhappy customer. 100% rave reviews! The world loves their XBARs. Not many products can say that?

The XBAR just makes sense. We didn't reinvent the wheel; we redesigned it to do so much more. We took a tried and tested curl bar that has been a staple of the fitness industry for over 50 years and re-invented it to be used without weights, but instead with another fitness staple, resistance bands. We then took it a step further with a door anchor and push up docks, allowing the user to hit the floor and do dozens of ground, yoga and push up exercises. It was as obvious as mixing peanut butter and jelly.

We admit there are many products on the market that are very functional and do serve a purpose. But the XBAR is hands-down the most adaptable and functional workout product we've ever seen. The second you hold it, it just feels right. We didn’t struggle to invent something that shouldn't have been invented. It was effortless and organic. And we didn’t add a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles to clumsy it up. It serves simple functions that have been used for ages, just in an awesome new way. The best ideas are usually the simplest and nothing could be truer than with the XBAR.


2. I need to be convinced that the XBAR is going to be the magic pill to getting ripped! Deliver the results I’m after. 

The distinctive look and revolutionary ergonomic design of the XBAR is in no small part what makes it so inviting. Everyone loves the feel of a curl bar because it's meant to be. It’s functional and fits your natural wrist position. Well we took that design to the next level and made working-out desirable. When you look at the XBAR, the first thing you want to do is use it. It looks tough yet inviting. It doesn't feel like it chore, it feels like a challenge. And because it is so functional and so universal it makes working-out fun. We have adapted over 100 standard and well-known exercises, which gives the user an arsenal of options. Even if you just grab the bar and start doing whatever feels natural, you will break a sweat within minutes.  If you stick to our easy to follow 20-minute XBAR workouts, the sky is the limit!

*As with any workout program, proper diet is essential.


3. I can buy resistance bands at a fraction of the cost of the XBAR and get a good workout. What can I do with the XBAR that I can't do with just bands?

Honestly, you get what you pay for. When you buy the best, you only cry once. Yes you can get resistance bands and handles for a fraction of the price, but we all know that they feel cheap and they end up in a box in the closet within a month. The XBAR is different. It’s so sleek, inviting, and attractive, that you can’t help but use it constantly. It’s your work out partner. In the same way your IPhone wants to be picked or a Lamborghini wants to be driven. When a product is that flawless, it makes you feel slightly addicted. It screams to be used. It challenges you. It’s so gorgeous you would feel guilty putting it in the closet. You don’t get that feeling with a cheap set of handles.

Also, the combination of standing and ground exercises that can be performed with the XBAR is unparalleled and has not been duplicated with any other single product. To get the same results you would have to combine 3 or more different products. Handles & bands, a push up bar, slider pads and a door anchor system.


4. $150 for just the bar and bands? That feels a bit pricey…Tell me why it’s worth that much. 

In an industry flooded with cheap plastic workout products, at first glance the XBAR does seem a bit overpriced. But as soon as you open your XBAR box and see the meticulous detail put into each component, you feel the robust strength of the bar, you appreciate the awesome feel of the soft rubber grip and marvel at the perfected machined swivel ends, you quickly understand why this isn't a $49 product. The XBAR is state of the art through and through.  Weighing in at less than 10 pounds, there's nothing else like it on the market.

We could have gone the bargain route and tried to fit the XBAR into a mass marketing price point with cheap components and low quality manufacturing. But we decided as a team in the very beginning that the XBAR was going to be exceptional. A one of a kind precision product. Apple quality! So we didn’t skimp on a single component. Even the box is a work of art. How many of us still have our iPhone boxes? It’s the same with the XBAR. There’s nothing like it.


5. What’s the secret technology that’s proprietary to the XBAR? Does it have something to do with the swivels, the shape of the bar? The way that the bar is designed?

What makes the XBAR so incredible and proprietary is that no other system has ever put swivel ends on a real curl bar. And no one has ever taken a curl bar and turned it into a push-up bar.  This is the only product in the world that does what it does! Combined with an incredible grip design and feel, the XBAR is truly a one of a kind revolutionary product.

The XBAR was born from a push-up bar. So the original function was to assist with ground and pound exercises. Then the lightning bolt hit and we added the swivel ends, 3 resistance bands and the door anchor to an already awesome product. Then like a title wave of functionality we were able to adapt over 100 additional real gym inspired exercises.  It truly is an entire gym in the palm of your hands.

- Damian Sanders