XBAR - Revolutionary Inventions and Tom Brady’s Secret

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XBAR - Revolutionary Inventions and Tom Brady’s Secret

Band-Aids, Airbags and Bubble Wrap.

 What exactly does XBAR have in common with these items? Like most revolutionary inventions, the XBAR grew out of its inventor’s personal need.

When Damian Sanders started designing XBAR, he wasn’t trying to create the world’s most efficient fitness system. He just needed a way to fit in a workout between business and family commitments. By combining classic bodyweight exercises with resistance bands, you can achieve a whole body workout from one amazing, versatile and portable tool.

 The Simplest Solution is Usually the Best

The key to XBAR’s versatility is in its simplistic design. By carefully building the XBAR around the most effective exercises, we’ve packed hundreds of variations into one simple and convenient workout solution.

 Light and easy to transport with little set-up time involved, there’s no limit to where you can use it. From the office to college dorm rooms, tiny yards and even outdoor spaces, the XBAR’s simple design means you can benefit from its various exercises wherever you find yourself.

 What XBAR Learned from Tom Brady

 When you’re designing a convenient fitness system like XBAR, you can’t add resistance with traditional, bulky weights. So how do you make sure you’re using enough effort to get an effective workout?

 You take a cue from one of the best quarterbacks of all time - Tom Brady.

 When most quarterbacks have an average career length of 3.3 years, Brady’s career seems to  only improve with age. He credits his longevity with his unorthodox training, which concentrates on bodyweight exercises and resistance bands.

Resistance bands allow XBAR to deliver enough resistance for even highly-trained individuals, like Tom Brady, to get an effective workout without the need for bulky iron weights.

 What you Need to Know About Resistance Bands

 As well as being affordable, convenient and light, resistance bands offer a number of unique advantages, some of which we’ve outlined below:

  1. Resistance bands don’t rely on gravity to load your muscles - meaning you can use them in a greater variety of exercises. The XBAR Door Anchor lets you use resistance bands to stress your body in the horizontal plane, achieving results that would be impossible with traditional weights.
  2. Linear variable resistance means that the further into a movement you go, the more resistance the band provides. This means the last 10 percent of a squat is harder than the first 10 percent. As your range of motion increase, muscle fibers are used as the resistance, making your workouts even more effective.
  3. When exercising with free weights, tension on your muscles is removed in certain positions. With resistance bands, your muscles are always under tension no matter what the position. More tension means better results in less time.

 A simple idea gave birth to an incredibly versatile, convenient and effective exercise system. If you’re short on time, but big on results, then XBAR is your answer. For more information and the latest news on XBAR, like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.