Your Dream Body Has Never Been More in Reach

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Your Dream Body Has Never Been More in Reach


Bringing the gym to your home has never been simpler. 


Aside from helping you look great, regular exercise has a lot of benefits one may not instantly call to mind. Exercising can make you happier, and it’s been known to mitigate stress, depression, and anxiety as well while also increasing the overall amount of energy you have throughout the day. Regular exercise is also critical in the prevention of chronic disease and can improve your brain function and memory retention. 

Some people make excuses as to why they can’t workout regularly such as “I don’t have a gym membership,” or “I don’t have the time,”.

Not anymore. With XBAR Fitness, you can do a full body workout anywhere, on your time, and at your pace.

It's your move.  


Where XBAR is Superior. 

XBAR was developed by pro-snowboarder Damien Sanders—a pioneer in the sport. After Sanders retired from the sport to which he brought a lot of popularity, he turned his focus to fitness with this one goal in mind: how to develop a full body workout regimen that could be taken anywhere. 

Sanders understood that the main thing keeping a lot of people back from exercising was time: people couldn’t find the time to go to the gym, or they couldn’t find time to workout at all. Because of this observation, the XBAR system is innovative and unique, and it’s a product that's perfect for those looking to get into shape!

Virgil, the Roman poet, once said “The greatest wealth is health.” 

Become the healthiest you can be with the XBAR superior fitness system!