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One or two of these may be what you are looking for to spice up your exercise routine.

Regular exercise is beneficial in a plurality of ways that far surpass the usual goal of looking great: working out on a consistent basis has been shown to increase one’s mood along with mitigating stress, depression, and anxiety; individuals who work out consistently will almost always have an abundance of overall energy that lasts throughout the day, especially when compared to those who don’t; regular exercise is critical when it comes to preventing chronic diseases; and it also can improve your brain function and memory.

Rather than get up and get after it, there are some individuals who make excuses regarding why they can’t workout regularly: “I don’t have a gym membership,” some say; “I don’t have the time,” say others.

From this point forward, such excuses are null and void: with the XBAR system, you can do a full body workout anywhere, on your own time, and without the fear of judgment from others. It’s time you stop wasting minutes and dollars on that over-priced gym membership: XBAR is waiting for you—are you ready?

Below are workouts that are resistance bands based: incorporating one, two, or several of these workouts in your daily routine could bring a new air of spirit to your exercising, something we all need from time to time to keep us on the path of healthy living.

Bicep Curls -

  1. Holding the XBAR at waist level, place both feet on the band.
  2. Slowly bring the bar up to your shoulders, focusing on your biceps and keeping your elbows at your side.
  3. Slowly release arms back to starting position.

Pull Aparts -

  1. Start out standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. With your arms extended outward, hold the band in front of you. (There should be 4-6 inches left at the ends.)
  3. Pull the band apart by bringing your shoulder blades together; the band should touch your chest.
  4. Ease into the starting position by bringing your arms back to eye-level in front of you. (Do this motion slowly and with control.)
  5. You’re going to want to repeat this movement for 8-10 reps.

Reverse Curls -

  1. Holding the XBAR at waist level, place both feet on the band.
  2. With your palms facing away from you, raise your arms until your hands are right at the bottom of your chest.
  3. Release slowly back down.

Note: It’s important to make sure your elbows are stationary (not moving forward or back) because this maximizes the effectiveness of the workout. If you’re having trouble keeping your elbows locked in place, image they’re like a hinge; the visualization may help you.

Upright Rows -

  1. With you shoulders back, head straight, and your body facing forward, stand so that your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  2. Using an overhand grip, grasp the band, close your hands together, and position your arms so they’re straight down in front of your body. (This is the starting position.)
  3. In one motion, raise your hands to about chin height; be sure to keep your hands close to your body. Your elbows should point to your sides and your forearms should be parallel to the floor.
  4. Gently return back to the starting position.
  5. You’re going to want to repeat this movement for 8-10 reps.

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