XBAR: For Individuals Who Enjoy Getting Ripped and Looking Great

XBAR: For Individuals Who Enjoy Getting Ripped and Looking Great

The XBAR is giving traditional workout methods a run for their money.

There’s nothing like a good workout, and anyone who has ever done one knows how true this really is. One thing’s for sure though: if you don’t find little ways to make your workouts enjoyable, there’s a good chance you’re going to lose interest in what you’re doing—and you’re going to lose it fast. If running in place for an hour or more is becoming unbearable, and if lifting free weights makes you feel like some troglodyte knuckle-walker, then perhaps you should consider working out in a nontraditional way—maybe you should work out with an XBAR.

What is XBAR?

XBAR is the full-body workout system that gyms, trainers, and home fitness enthusiasts all love. Designed by ex-pro-snowboarder Damian Sanders, a pioneer in the sport, XBAR is what individuals looking for nontraditional workout methods prefer.

The system was designed with home workouts in mind, which means people who don’t like working out in the traditional sense are who XBAR caters to. Moreover, the workouts you can do using XBAR may be more comprehensive than anything you can perform in a gym.

Incorporating the use of resistance bands, the XBAR system is an innovative take on classic resistance training—a system that will get you strong and sculpted in no time at all! You won’t believe the results you can get from XBAR, but the only way to find out for sure is to start using the system today!

Try These Other Things to Keep Your Workouts Enjoyable

Timing - Humans are not at their best, as far as functionality is concerned, throughout an entire day. There are particular points throughout a typical day where cognitive function is at its best, and times where the last thing you want to be doing is thinking about anything. If you workout in either the early morning or late afternoon, two times where your cognitive function is limited, you’ll realize that focusing on the simple task of “lifting things up and putting them down,” as the guy from that memorable Planet Fitness commercial says, is incredibly easy. Moreover, working out at either of these particular times will make you more productive during the periods of top cognitive function that usually comes right before midday and right as the sun goes down.

Workout Playlists - There’s nothing like a good selection of songs—songs that get you hyped up, motivated, and ready to power through that rigorous workout. And when it comes to resistance training specifically, songs that build—in other words, songs that start laidback but get more intense —are going to be what get you through those moments when you’re pushing with everything you got.

Friends - Working out with friends can add an element of friendly competition to each workout. On the other hand, friends might be the ones who push you further than you were willing to take yourself that day; therefore, friends may be exactly what you need to keep getting better at your workouts.