Workout Machines Are on the Way Out

Workout Machines Are on the Way Out

And the XBAR is filling the void.

Fitness centers across America, in observance of recent workout trends, have begun removing workout machines in an effort to free up more space for members who prefer body-weight exercises, free weight exercises, high-intensity training, or any other popular workout method that requires a lot of open space and virtually no machines. It’s hard to imagine a gym without the clangs and bangs of hulking workout machines, though such might be reality sooner than expected.

One popular chain in the industry, 24 Hour Fitness, has been slowly scaling back cardio and weight machines across it’s 420 locations in recent years. These machines used to occupy close to 66 percent of floor space in most 24 Hour Fitnesses, but today that number has been reduced to about 50 percent. These gyms devote this freed up space for free weights and training, which includes things like dumbbell swings, body-weight exercises, and resistance band workouts done with an XBAR. 24 Hour Fitness has also expanded its studio group-exercise classes across many of their locations.

Why Have Workout Machines Become Less Popular

Fitness has always been an area dominated by trends, but the move away from workout machines is looking to be something more than your typical fad; workout machines could be finished. But why? Boutique fitness has become very popular, and those studios generally don’t rely on machines. Additionally, members of CrossFit gyms are moving to cheaper fitness centers with newly added or expanded weightlifting space. It’s likely machines like the leg press will still remain popular and under the roofs of most gyms, but the same cannot be said for the majority of workout machines.

Bring Your XBAR to the Gym

The XBAR was originally marketed as a product intended for at-home fitness, but the recent developments discussed above suggest that XBAR training might be possible in a plurality of fitness centers across the country. This would be great for XBAR users everywhere, many of whom like working out in the vicinity of others.

XBAR users are able to perform more than a hundred different movements, and the system builds strength and coordination like nothing else on the market. It’s no secret that XBAR users get more out of this system than if they exclusively relied on body-weight exercises or free weight exercises to build strength and power. The kind of training that XBAR specializes in is one of a kind, which means users frequently receive pleasant results they never thought possible.

XBAR Over Free Weights

Now that gyms like 24 Hour Fitness have done away with a lot of their machines, there’s more room for XBAR users. There’s a good chance one or two people will approach you and ask about the XBAR, which will then be a great time to tell them how it’s better than free weights! It’s time to bring the XBAR community to fitness centers across America.