Three XBar Exercises To Increase Strength

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Three XBar Exercises To Increase Strength


The goal of most gym enthusiasts is to get stronger and using the XBar is a great way to get there. But the fastest way to get stronger is to use the most intense exercises and the XBar is packed with ways to do them. If you want to increase your strength, include these three exercises into your next routine. 


Overhead Presses 

Military presses are the among the most important shoulder exercises, and you can do them on the XBar with ease. To perform these, stand on top of the resistance bands and push the bar up over your head toward the sky. Overhead press is an intense exercise that works not only the shoulders but the pectorals and deltoids as well.  


XBar Squats 

Love them or hate them, squats are necessary if you want to get your lower body stronger. Working nearly every leg muscles at once, squats increase strength through sheer force of will. Start with your legs shoulder-width apart holding down the resistance band. Place the bar over your shoulders and press off the floor. Lower yourself down until your knees are at a 90 degree angle and push up again. Squats work the entire leg and core and are often called the King of Exercises. 


Push Ups 

One of the most underrated exercises around, push-ups are something you could do when you were 6 years old. But little did you know then how effective push-ups are for increasing strength. What muscles do push-ups work? Just a who’s who of power - pectorals, deltoids, triceps, and abs. Proper form is important to hit all four muscle groups. Keep your back flat and elbows pointed towards your feet on the way down. Go down until your chest nearly touches the floor and then extend your elbow to push yourself up.