Mobility Is an XBAR Staple

Mobility Is an XBAR Staple

Allowing you to workout wherever and whenever you want is what the XBAR does best.

It’s not a hard choice to make: 300 lbs. of weights or an 8lb XBAR? If you’re someone who values convenience and a back that isn’t thrown out, there’s a good chance you’ll choose the latter option, the XBAR. Convenience is key when it comes to your daily workouts, and that’s why XBAR, since inception, has made convenience a foundational plank of its system.

Bring Your XBAR Anywhere

You can essentially bring the gym anywhere when you own an XBAR. Whether you’re at home, work, the park, or the beach on vacation, the XBAR is going to allow you to do a comprehensive workouts right where you stand.

An XBAR weighs 8 lbs and is about 35” end to end, which means you can easily store it in any large duffle bag. Additionally, XBAR enthusiasts say they were allowed to bring their systems with them on planes before, and this is because airlines will let you store your XBAR in the overhead container or under your seat.

So the next time you go on a business trip or vacation, bring your XBAR with you. The XBAR is going to be the portable gym of your dreams, one that blows the hotel-based fitness alternatives out of the water.

Hotel Gyms Are a Waste of Time

Anyone who has traveled to a hotel is familiar with the workout facilities usually offered. These hotel workout rooms are notoriously hard to find, and you’ll undoubtedly get more of a workout doing laps around the building just trying to find the place than you will once you do. For what reason are these facilities so elusive?

Hotel Gyms Are Always Closed

A comprehensive workout after a long flight will do your body wonders, and you’ll surely release a lot of stress too. But good luck trying to get such a workout in virtually any hotel; hotel workout rooms are never open. If you think the gym is closed when you want to use it, your assumption is probably right; for whatever reason, hotel gyms operate at strange hours.

Hotel Gyms Are Restrictive

If you’re someone who likes a lot of space when you workout—maybe you’re into high intensity interval training or metabolic conditioning—then it’s likely you’re not going to like most hotel gyms. There’s really only enough room to use the machines, anything else is going to have to be taken outside or up to your room. And even if you want to use a machine, the chances that they’re all taken before you even arrive is always high; after all, everyone in the building looking to workout is operating on the same strange hotel gym hours.

Where Are the Weights?

If you were looking forward to training with weights at the hotel gym—don’t get your hopes up. Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells; “what are those,” say the hotel attendants. The only thing you’ll find in most hotel workout rooms are a few cardio machines.

Let the Dusk Collect in the Hotel Gym: You Have an XBAR

Even if it’s the first thing you see when you walk in, you must not spend a minute in the hotel’s workout room. You need to get in a good workout before you hit the beach, and the hotel gym is the last place from where you’ll get one. So the next time you go on vacation, bring your XBAR with you. The XBAR will allow you to get a comprehensive workout whenever and wherever you want.