Give up Traditional Weightlifting: Embrace Resistance Band

Give up Traditional Weightlifting: Embrace Resistance Band

Training with resistance bands is a weightlifting game changer.

There has been a lot of talk over the years about which kind of weightlifting techniques are best. This debate is one that may be endless, especially when workout products are coming out at an incredibly fast rate. But all the exercise methods, all the machines, bikes, and bands, cannot hide the fact that, when it comes to working out, there are a lot of fundamentals.

The fundamentals of resistance training are few, and for a lot of reasons this is good: complexity can sometimes get in the way of what you’re actually trying to achieve, and weightlifters know this quite well. In an iconic Planet Fitness commercial, an actor parodying Arnold Schwarzenegger says: “I pick things up and put them down!” This is resistance training in a nutshell, or at least it used to be.

Why Are People Now Using Bands for Resistance Training 

To understand why resistance bands are great, you must first be familiar with the concept of ascending resistance. Ascending resistance is effective because it increases your range of motion in conjunction with the amount of resistance being applied. In other words, you’ll be able to output more throughout your entire range of motion, and this is something you can’t always do with free weight exercises. Ascending resistance also causes a higher degree of end range stabilization, which helps in the preventing of injury. Lastly, ascending resistance allows your movement velocity to fluctuate and increase; the bands teach your brain how to accelerate force.

Resistance Bands Help with Coordination 

Resistance training isn’t all about training strength; in fact, it’s great for improving your body’s overall coordination. Training with resistance bands will allow you to replicate functional movement, and training movements instead of exclusively training strength is beneficial in a number of ways. For example, you’ll actually get stronger than you would have if you just stuck with free weights.

Resistance Bands Are Lightweight and Storable 

A big deterrent for a lot of people, when it comes to exercising, is location. There are many out there who don’t signup for gym memberships mainly because the idea of exercising in such an environment does not appeal to them at all. Resistance band training is a great alternative for individuals who possess such a frame of mind, specifically because they can do it in the comfort of their own home. The bands are extremely lightweight and allow users to apply resistance to any kind of functional movement, which in turn builds the user’s strength and power.

XBAR Is the Resistance Band System You Need 

There are a handful of workout regiments out there that utilize resistance bands, but none compare to the XBAR system. Individuals who subscribe to XBAR consistently remark that it changed the way they work out, and this is the kind of feedback, which inspires the XBAR team to constantly be updating the product so many people love. Not a XBAR member? Visit us to find out more!