An XBAR Workout Can Have You Feeling Great in 20 Minutes or Less

An XBAR Workout Can Have You Feeling Great in 20 Minutes or Less

More great feelings will come when you see results in the mirror!

Finding the time to work out can sometimes be challenging. With our busy schedules, kids, and everything else life has in store, who can find an hour or more for a trip to the gym? And when we do find the time, we’re often faced with unpleasant experiences that make our coming back unlikely—don’t even get me started on gym and fitness club membership costs.

Well if you’ve been looking for a workout system that’ll keep you in shape and looking fantastic, than you need look no further than the XBAR. The XBAR system was designed with convenience as a number one priority, which means spending hours at the gym to get the results you want is no longer a thing. XBAR will have you feeling and looking better than you ever could’ve imagined, and you’ll be able to reach these results on your own time and within the comfort of your own home.

What Makes XBAR so Special -

XBAR users are able to perform more than a hundred different strength-and coordination-training movements, which means that they get more out of this system than if they exclusively relied on body-weight exercises or free weights to build strength. Also the kind of training that XBAR specializes in will likely be like nothing you’ve ever tried before, therefore you may receive pleasant results you never thought were possible. Owning an XBAR is like having the gym in the palm of your hands, and without the expensive membership.

What Does the XBAR System Include -

The XBAR system is a nine-piece system, including:

  • An XBAR - A 34” long, lightweight metal bar with fully rotating end-cap swivels
  • Three Resistance Bands - A green 5-pound band, a red 8-pound band, and a blue 13-pound band.
  • Two Push-up Docks - Sturdy rubber push-up docks that hold the XBAR for numerous ground and pound exercises.
  • A Door Anchor - A compact and heavy-duty piece that enables XBAR bands to be gently and safely fixed to the top, bottom or side of almost any door for numerous pulling and pushing exercises.
  • A Cinch Sack - A 16" x 16" drawstring backpack.
  • The XBAR Fitness Guide - A 32-page instruction manual filled with over 100 XBAR exercise suggestions, safety tips, and the entertaining XBAR Fitness background story.

Where XBAR Is Miles Ahead of the Rest -

The XBAR system is predicated on the concept of ascending resistance. Not only do people who use the XBAR build their strength, they vastly improve their coordination as well. While using XBAR, you’ll be able to perform hundreds of movements, each of which will have their own benefit.

Unlike training with free weights, resistance bands allow you to train muscles and muscle sectors in conjunctive coordination, which means you’ll really be doing a lot to define and strengthen almost every muscle in your body.