Give up the Free Weights: Resistance Bands Are the Way to Go

Give up the Free Weights: Resistance Bands Are the Way to Go

Training strength has never been more enjoyable.

If you’re a workout enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about resistance bands before. Resistance bands have been around for awhile now, but the popularity surrounding them didn’t build until a few years ago. Strength trainers and individuals looking to get a full-body workout are the biggest proponents of resistance bands, and many of these individuals swear by products like the XBAR because they’ve maximized the effectiveness of resistance bands in the area of strength training.

If you want to know more about why training with resistance bands is ideal, here are a few quick explanations:

They don’t cost a lot - Resistance bands are made of rubber, a material that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Moreover, you can perform hundreds of exercises with just a few bands—there’s absolutely no need to purchase an expensive dumbbell set or workout machine.

You can take them anywhere - Resistance bands can be stored easily and they’re incredibly portable. These two qualities, in combination with the one listed above, are easily what make resistance bands so popular. People want to be able to work out wherever and whenever, which means lugging a weight set from place to place is totally unrealistic. Finding a gym isn’t a great option either, especially if you’re on vacation where the only place available is likely a hotel fitness room.

Resistance band workouts are unique - Strength trainers are constantly trying to figure out new ways to maximize their efforts, and many of these dedicated individuals see full-body workouts as the key to achieving this endeavor. For these individuals, resistance bands have been revolutionary. The bands’ effectiveness is predicated on the idea of ascending resistance, a strength training method significantly different than the constant resistance provided by free weight exercises. Ascending resistance means resistance continually increases as range of motion increases, and exertion increases through the full range of motion as well.

Resistance bands are good for the joints - If you’re interested in protecting your joints, training with resistance bands might be right for you. Repeated joint compression and lack of joint stabilization has a lot to do with the break down of joint surfaces. Resistance bands are great because they create significantly less joint compression and are not totally dependent on gravity in the way free weights are.

XBAR Does Resistance Band Training Best -

If the aforementioned reasons have made you think twice about the way you train strength, then you need to visit the XBAR website. XBAR’s system utilizes all the best of what resistance bands have to offer. If you go online and look up reviews of the XBAR, you’ll see numerous testimonies written by individuals who’ve had their lives changed by XBAR. This cost-effective system is one that workout enthusiasts love, but it’s also one that can be used by people working out casually. Don’t fall behind: get on the XBAR movement now and revolutionize the way you work out!