36" Strap for Resistance System Bands

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These new 36” straps take the Resistance Sytem 2.0 bands to a new level of customization and function. 

You can now do any wide stance exercise including sumo squats, wide stance deadlifts, wide stance squats, and more. 

You can switch from exercises like curls to overhead press without spending time attaching the 10” straps. 

They also make getting into exercises like back squats much easier because you can get into position with a narrow stance giving you more slack and then widen your stance. 

You can get in better position for exercises like bent rows, shoulder shrugs, and more. 

They allow you to quickly transition from one exercise to another by changing your foot position which saves you a lot of time. 

They are also great for doing drop sets because you can instantly lower your resistance by narrowing your foot position. 

You can even wrap these straps around your chest or waist adding dozens of additional exercises. 

 They will give you more variety and customization for your workouts which will lead to better results. 

At just $34.99 they are a very inexpensive upgrade for your RS 2.0 bands.