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Kickstarter Funded XBAR Fitness Launched to Rave Reviews

XBAR Fitness hits the ground running with the successful launch of its innovative full body workout equipment system, impressing backers and customers alike with the quality of its portable home gym device.

XBAR Fitness is the brainchild of ex-pro-snowboarder Damian Sanders; one of the original founding fathers of the sport who helped send the sport on its meteoric rise in popularity. After retiring he began working on the concept for a full body workout system that could be taken anywhere, allowing the millions of people who struggle to find time for the gym to get toned and stay fit and healthy. The result of Damian Sanders and his team’s labors is an incredibly innovative portable home fitness solution, which plugs a gap in the home fitness market.

“We are not claiming we invented the wheel; we just redesigned it to do so much more. With well over 100 exercises documented, the XBAR is now in a class of its own” says Sanders. He goes on to say “Never before has a portable home gym device combined a curl bar, a push up bar, an ab-slider and a doorjamb cable system into one simple and incredibly stylish product. The innovative XBAR replaces an entire gym full of equipment and delivers a unique and challenging full body workout unlike any other.”

The XBAR personal gym works on resistance training, with fully adjustable resistance bands allowing users of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy the workouts, with the XBAR product appealing to athletes, senior citizens and sports therapists alike. The XBAR team is now embarking on a massive marketing and sponsorship campaign to be sure to keep the momentum flowing.


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