XBAR Fitness Complete 9-Piece Personal Workout System

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The personal workout system that is taking the fitness industry by storm! Gyms, trainers and home fitness enthusiasts all love the XBAR. It’s an entire gym in the palm of your hands!!     YOUR COMPLETE 9-PIECE XBAR FITNESS PERSONAL WORKOUT SYSTEM INCLUDES: (1) THE ONE & ONLY XBAR! – The skillfully designed, 34” long,...

XBAR founder Damian Sanders
The XBAR was conceived in 2013 by ex-pro snowboard legend, Damian Sanders.
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Workout Videos

No time for the gym?

XBAR Fitness has designed the perfect gym alternative. Nine Quick Sets that you can squeeze in literally anywhere and anytime. Now you don't have to struggle to fit the gym into your busy schedule because the gym comes to you!

XBAR product reveal

An in depth look at the worlds best personal, portable fitness system.

XBAR Fitness Guide

Download the XBAR Fitness Guide

Now you can view our 32 page fitness guide right on your computer or phone! Just click the banner to the left. XBAR offers over 100 exercises in the palm of your hands.


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