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Does work require you to live out of a suitcase? Do you find yourself living with the travel bug? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the XBAR | FLYT, a revolutionary, travel-friendly, portable, full-body personal fitness system! Perfect for anyone living the jet-set life, the XBAR | FLYT fits conveniently in your suitcase and allows you to always get a workout in from where ever you are.

Let’s take a look at some of the best workouts you can do from your hotel room:

Wide Grip Decline Push Ups

Starting in a push up position, place your feet on a stable, elevated surface (chair, bed, couch, etc.) with your hands on the XBAR | FLYT. Bend at the elbows and bring your chest down toward the XBAR | FLYT. Raise yourself back to the starting position by pushing yourself away from the XBAR | FLYT. Feel free to place your feet higher for extra intensity!

Chair Lunges

To perform a chair lunge, place your forward foot over the band, and the bar over your shoulders as you would for a traditional squat. Then place your rear foot on an elevated surface (chair, bench, etc.) Now, bend at the knee lowering as low as is comfortable, then return to standing position and repeat. Switch feet and start again.

Door Anchor Pull Downs

Build your upper body with this intense arm workout. Attach the resistance band to your XBAR | FLYT and utilize your hotel room front or bathroom door to set up our door anchor. Sitting on the ground with your knees slightly bent, slowly bring the XBAR | FLYT toward your chest. Touching the XBAR to your chest and repeat.

Door Anchor Crunches

Get that six pack you’ve been wanting with these awesome crunches. Similar to the anchor pull downs, attach the resistance band to your XBAR | FLYT and set up your door anchor. Sitting on your knees with your back facing the door, simply pull the XBAR | FLYT behind your head and rest on your shoulders. Grasp the XBAR | FLYT with both palms facing upward. Pull yourself toward the ground and be sure to keep your core tight.

Chair Dips

Ready to feel the burn? Slide your bottom off the seat and hold yourself up with arms straight and palms on the XBAR | FLYT. Be sure to keep your body close to the chair. Slowly lower your body as you bend your elbows (they should point directly behind you, not out to the sides); straighten your arms and hold this position until your repeat again.

Whether you are at home or always on the go, the XBAR | FLYT is the perfect tool for anyone living a busy lifestyle. For ongoing updates, follow XBAR Fitness on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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