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The Ground-breaking XBAR exceeds Kickstarter goals by 339%, blazing the trail for a personal fitness revolution.

XBAR Fitness has taken the industry by storm, blowing their Kickstarter campaign goal out of the water by 339%. Initially aiming for 50,000$, ex-pro snowboarder Damian Sanders and the XBAR team were able to raise a total of 169,569$. Over 1,000 supporters believed in their vision, an astounding 923 of them pre-ordering the actual XBAR!

Throughout their Kickstarter campaign, XBAR Fitness gained the loyalty of a number of prestigious names in the fitness industry. Long time fitness royalty such as Ana Delia De Iturrondo, Michelle Lewin, and Kane Sumabat to name a few, have now added the XBAR to their personal arsenal. The feedback from professional athletes, design engineers, and everyday fitness enthusiasts has been overwhelming.

Creator of the XBAR, Damian Sanders, was once one of the most extreme athletes in the world. He was a pioneer of extreme snowboarding and rode professionally for over 13 years. Voted “Worlds Most Extreme Snowboarder” for 4 of those years. His combined passion for fitness, athletic performance and innovation are what brought the XBAR to life. Following the overwhelming success of his Kickstarter campaign, the future of XBAR Fitness is nothing short of blinding.

“We are so grateful for the support and success of our Kickstarter campaign. It proved that there is a need and demand for the XBAR. We are on a mission now. Full steam ahead!”

- Damian Sanders

The XBAR team is anticipating another avalanche of success starting March 20th when their shopping cart goes live on XBAR.COM. The XBAR and other XBAR Fitness products will be available for pre-sale. With the support of world-class athletes, fitness pros, gyms, trainers and even your average person just wanting to get in shape in the comfort of their home, XBAR sees a personal fitness revolution in the upcoming months.  The XBAR is so universal and functional; there are no limits to who can benefit from this innovative device. 


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